Monday, October 19, 2009

Just One Reason...

...why I am so blessed.

I love yellow roses. I love all roses, in fact I love flowers of all kind but yellow roses are my favorite.

My sweet husband knows that I love these beautiful yellow roses so he buys me one often. Not because its my birthday or our anniversary but because he knows I enjoy them.

See I told you I am so blessed.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't know how it happens but every time there is a big dance at school, our bedroom somehow turns into a beauty salon. This past Saturday was no different.
I really can't complain. Its fun to watch the girls as they work on hair and make up and even help a little when they ask.
So here is what Saturday looked like at my house.

D3 putting on her war paint.

Fighting for mirror space.

All dressed and waiting to go. Where are the guys?

D3 and her date. Don't they look cute?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthdays and Homecoming

What a wild week this has been for D3.

It is Homecoming week for Cyprus and she has been busy and gone with a lot of activities:

There was decorating, Assemblies and of course the parade.
Tonight is the game (go Pirates!) and tomorrow is the Dance.

Yesterday she had an improve performance and it was also her 17th birthday.
One of her very good friends came over and filled her room with balloons and signs. She loved it.

I am so glad that D3 is part of our family. Sometimes it gets hard in a large family and the middle children seam to get lost. We are so Blessed to have this young women in our family. She is so full of life and always finds the bright side of things. She brings sunshine into our home on a daily basis.

We love you D3!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Witches and Fun

Hubby is out of town this week.
Its been a long week.

For some fun I took the kids to Gardner Village on Monday night for FHE.

I was surprised how much they all enjoyed it. We spent some time in some of the cute little shops there and even Only Son was impressed by a couple of them.

There were lots of places to take cute pictures. I wish I had been better prepared for that. (there was even one mom there with her baby in an Ann Geddies outfit taking some really cute photos.)

But the main reason we went was to do the witch Scavenger Hunt. It was actually a lot of fun trying to find all the cute witches. When we finished we went to the bakery and had fresh chocolate chip cookies.

The weather was nice but we did get a little cold at the end so we came home and had donuts and hot chocolate.

We still really miss hubby but it turned out to be a good evening for all of us.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a nice weekend

Excuse the mess but this has been such a great weekend. It started Friday when both D's 1 and 2 came home.

D1 brought home here roomies so we had a full house (12 if your are counting!)

While she was here, we celebrated her birthday.

On Saturday afternoon, Hubby, Only Son, D1 and 2 and roomies all went downtown to the afternoon session of conference. Afterwards the girls went to Gateway while Hubby and Only Son attended the Priesthood session.

Sunday we all watched it together at home. I can't tell you what an experience that was for us.

Sunday afternoon we also had dinner and just hung out and visited.

It really has been a great weekend.

Oh yeah... And I won this ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How did this happen?

Yesterday they laid her in my arms for the first time. She was a little 6 pound 8 ounce bundle of beautiful, perfect joy.

Today she is 20. Did you get that? TWENTY!!!

I remember putting her in the car seat to drive her home for the first time, being in a car had never been as scary.

I remember the day when she ate the deodorant from the diaper pail, my prenatal vitamins and Tylenol all in the same day. (she was 2)

I remember when we shared naps and play time together because it was only the two of us. (I think I remember)

I remember taking her to kindergarten for the first time...and walking away.

I remember her first date- Homecoming- and how I wanted to just take a peek in at the dance and make sure she was having a good time.

I remember all these things and so many more and yet I think it all happened overnight because there is no way she can be twenty.

I am not sad or depressed; She is a beautiful women and I am so proud of her. I just don't know how it happened.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I love you!