Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its a date!

For most this is not new, I think everyone has heard the screams but now here are the photos to go with this wonderful story.

D3 is going to the Prom! So what, whats the big deal you may say?  Well to understand you have to go back to the begining of the year.  You see there is this young man, we will call him CS.  He is the Bomb if you ask D3.  He is a swimmer, a singer, a guitar player.  He is also a senior and the Student Body President. D3 has a had a little (okay HUGE) crush on him all year.

About a month ago D3 got a poster that she was going to be asked to Prom.  She had no idea who it was.

One of the clues said she would find out at the "show"

Last week was the Talent Show at the High School.  For the last performance, D3 was called up to the stage with another girl.  She sat on a chair and the music started to play.  Someone was singing "will you go to prom with me?" 

The curtins opened up and guess who was singing?  Yep  CS!!!

He had a sign around his neck with her name on it.  I think she was on cloud 9 (or higher?)

Now she had to answer him...
So yesterday, she and D5 decorated his car in the school parking lot.

Are you wondering what the sign and circles say?  YES (of course!)

I am very excited for her and I think she is going to have a great time.

AND if thats not enough, she also made SBO for next year!  You go girl! You deserve it all!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comings and Goings

I am looking forward to this weekend, and I am dreading it...

Reason #1

D2 is coming home again.  (*hint, if you ever decide to do braces, don't do them after your child has moved away-way to many appointments!) I am excited to see her, visit with her and just hang out.

D1 is leaving. I know its time for her to go.  I know she is excited to get back to school, her job and her appartment but oh how I am going to miss her.  For the last 4 months we have enjoyed going to lunch, shopping, attending RS together and just talking and spending time together.    

Reason #2

D3 is running for SBO again.  She has enjoyed this last year as Junior Class Sec.  It has kept her (us) super busy.  Last night we were up until 1AM putting posters together.   If she looses I will feel really bad for her and I know she will be disapointed. If she wins, I am not sure we are ready for another crazy year. 

Reason #3
Stake Conference.  Don't get me wrong, I love Stake conference.  Everything about it. I look forward to the whole weekend  but it gets so busy and  hectic.  Not a restful weekend.

Reason #3.5
D3 is speaking in the adult session on Saturday night.  I know she will do a great job but she is speaking on what teens need and want from adults.  I am not sure I am ready to hear this.

Reason #4
I still have a pile of fabric sitting on my sewing table.  They were supose to be Easter dresses (yeah I know that was almost 2 weeks ago.)  I enjoy sewing, I really do ,but I am tired of walking past them every day and feeling quilty.  I just need to finish them. (before D1 and 2 head back to school?)

With that being said, I think its time to just sit back, relax and enjoy whatever comes our way!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes, blessings come in strange ways

No photos for this one but a wonderful experince. 

Last night was FHE.  Only son taught the lesson on one of the talks he heard at the Priesthood session.  Then we fixed leftovers from our turkey Easter dinner and sat down to watch "The Blind Side" as a family.  The wind was blowing and the snow was flying just as D3 called and needed a ride home from work.

People know how much I hate winter and I am really, REALLY ready for spring to get here, so the storm was not making me happy.  Hubby, who loves me, left to pick up D3 and we paused the movie. 

When they returned, we settled down to finish the movie and the power went out. You could hear the wind and I was really getting irritated with the weather. (like anyone can do anything about it right?)

We had the kids dress in warm clothes and bring pillows and blankets upstairs. We lit candles, got cozy and waited to see what was going to happen.  While we waited we hubby told us a scary story, then he and I shared stories of our childhoods.  We got chilly but we laughed and had a great time together...as a family...doing nothing. 

After about 3 hours the power came back on.  The kids were dissapointed (they were hoping school would be canceld today.) Everyone went to their own rooms.  Our long, fun FHE was over but I don't think it is one any of us will soon forget.

We missed you D2

PS I think we will finish our movie tonight.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A week (or more) in review.

What a week, okay month, this has been.  I think 2010 is going to be crazy.  I am not a good blogger but truth be told I don't have time.
So here is a recap. And lots of photos (sorry)
First we celebrated D4's birthday on the 14th.

She also had her Play in March. There were 3 performances and we made everyone of them. It was cute (this is a really bad photo).  At one point she called her brother out of the audience to come and dance with her.

Then of course there was the Scrapbook Expo. Mom, Daughters, sisters, sister-in-laws and friends all gathered to crop the day (and night) away.  We had a blast (and spent far to much money!)

In the last 2 weeks I have been to Layton twice and Logan twice

We love having D2 home and I am glad Logan is a doable distance.

This past weekend was Easter and we had a full house.  D1 had friends come in from Idaho and Arizona, a few but not all stayed with us but they were in and out all weekend.  D2 also had her BFF come and spend Saturday night and Sunday with us.

We colored easter eggs...

The Easter Bunny hid over 150 eggs.  60 real eggs and 100 plastic ones.  Wow, there were eggs EVERYWHERE!

Saturday evening the girls and I headed to Layton again and spent the evening with the rest of the girls.  Before the guys left for the priesthood session we did a lot of this...

Its the new Wii dance game and it is so fun (and there are some very embarrising videos floating around now.)
Later the guys left and the girls went shopping.  What a blast.

Of course the best part of the weekend was General Confrence.  I LOVED it so much.  Every message was for me I think.  It was so nice having everyone home as we listened to our prophet.  (we even got to go downtown for one session.)

Sunday afternoon, after all the friends left, we had a nice dinner with just our family, then it was back to Logan to get D2 back to school.

(thats exactly how I felt about the weekend too!)

Oh one last thing that happened?

D3 got asked to the prom.  She has no idea who it is and its been fun trying to guess and figure out.  I am sure he will reveal himself in time....