Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls Night

This past weekend was General Conference.  For the past three years or so that has meant a full house with lots of roommates, boys and friends.  This year was a little different. We did have young men over on Sunday for dinner, however most of the watching of conference was just us, home alone, in front of the TV.  It was a great conference, and as usual, I have much to work on and improve.

When Hubby and Only Son left for the priesthood session, the girls and I did a simple girls night.  It mostly consisted of Nail Polish and Chocolate!

This is just D1's collection- now we know what she spends her money on!

Of course we had to watch Tangled also!

It was a great time. I am so glad my girls still like to spend time with me.  (of course after the priesthood session when the young men where done, I was forgotten!)


Jen said...

Girls night is the best!

And I know what it's like to be ignored. Kind of like every day when Daddy comes home from work; the kids forget I exist.

The Joys of Life said...

Oh mommy you know you're not forgotten! It's just more fun to tease Only son, that's all. Thank you for such a fun weekend mamma!!