Friday, July 31, 2009

Water fun

Last week, D1 returned home for a few weeks. To celebrate we spent the day at Willard Bay. While the girls and I swam, Only Son and Hubby went fishing. We had a picnic and just enjoyed the day.

It feels so good to have everyone home for now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sob Sob

Question: What do you get when you have 6 children attending five different schools?
Answer: a bunch of "fisrt day of school" days.

So today was the first, first day. D5 headed off this morning. First days don't usually bother me, in fact, if it doesn't make me sound like a bad mom, I enjoy the first day. This year however something happened. I don't know what it was; maybe it was the fact that she is in 4th grade today. Maybe it was she got herself ready almost entirely by herself this morning (I did help a little with the hair.) Maybe its because she looked so big as we bought her new clothes. Maybe it was because she wanted a bag this year instead of a back pack. Maybe because as soon as we got to the school she ran off to see all her friends. Maybe its because she is the last one to attend elementry and she is doing it all by herself; or maybe, just maybe its because I am feeling old as I watch my litle girl, my baby walk in to class and I wonder how long it will be before she doesn't need me anymore. Whatever it was, today wasn't a usual first day of school, it wasn't one I enjoyed.

But then I came home to find 5 teenagers, in various stages of wakefulness, a messy house, a blaring TV and the shower going. Maybe first days of school are not that bad. I think I will survive.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I know I am not a perfect wife, daughter, sister or Friend; I don't even pretend to be a perfect mom but after 20 years...Why?

Why, after I tell my daughter to call before she walks to work because there is a power outage and they might not need her, does she walk to work (1.5 miles) in 100 degree heat, only to find out they don't need her due to the power outage? WHY?

Why, when I leave my children to go on a date with hubby, after telling them repeatedly to get jobs (they each have one room a day that they are responsible for) and showers done, do I come home 4 hours later to find them ALL in front of the TV, no showers and no jobs complete? WHY?

Why, when I tell them on Saturday night that we are leaving for church 45 minutes early the next day, be ready, do they act all surprised come Sunday morning that I want them in the van at 10:15? Why?

Why, when I tell tell them not to leave the shampoo bottle upside down because it leaks, do I get in the shower to find ... you guessed it, shampoo all over the tub and the bottle upside down? WHY?

Why, when I explain in a calm clear voice (not yelling) that if bedrooms are not cleaned they will not get to go to a friends house, do they through a fit because said friend calls and they can't go play? WHY?

Can you tell me? I need to know; but then..

Why, when I know I need to be reading my Scriptures better, offering prayers more often, get my visiting teaching done, do I put it off and then wonder WHY my life seams to be spinning out of control. WHY?

Just some Monday morning thoughts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best Movie....EVER!

What a night. The girls and I got to the theater around 11:00 PM last night. Because we had bought our tickets early, we got right in but the theater was already 1/2 full.

All their friends were there!

Look at those smiles!

It was a late night, we didn't get home till almost 3:00 AM.
Totally worth it. Can't wait to see it again!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hair Pretties

The other night I found myself home alone with only Ds3, 4&5 so we decided to do a girly activity. The girls had so much fun making hair pretties at girls camp we decided to do some more.
Here are the results.

I think they had a good time, I know I did.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th fun

I love July 4th. Its one of my favorite holidays. (I can hear my husband now, "Do you have a holiday that's not a favorite?" Probably not. Anyway, we had a great 4th! We went to the Magna parade and got rained on. D3 was in it with the Cyprus SBO's and she had a great time.

We took the kids to see Ice Age 3 and had the theater almost to ourselves. After the movie we went home, barbqed and watched Independence Day (that's kind of a family tradition.)

Later that evening we went to the park and watched Fireworks.

Of course we missed D1. She was in Arizona with friends, singing, riding horses, wrecking 4-wheelers and having a blast.