Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Auuugh and a warning

It is suppose to happen to others. I am so careful on the computer, really I am. Yesterday, I got one of the WORSE computer viruses EVER!

I was just checking my email when a warning popped up saying my computer had been infected and I needed to “buy” this Anti virus program. Before I did anything I ran an AVG scan, it said everything was fine. So I closed the warning and went on my way. Soon, I couldn’t go anywhere without this warning popping up. I logged off my computer and rebooted. There was an Icon on my desk top for this “Personal Security” AUGH! When I tried to delete it, the whole system froze!

To make a long story short, it took us HOURS to get rid of this stupid thing, and the only way we did was by looking up the “security” on D1’s computer and following instructions to get it off. It was so frustrating. I am still not sure where I picked up this virus but I thought I would share my experience in case it happens to any of you.

So if you get a security pop up, DO NOT OPEN IT, unless you know for sure where it came from. This looked very official like it came from Microsoft or windows. It will not show up with a manufactures name and it will not let you delete it. (We had to download Malware and do a bunch of things). Also do not buy the security system that it tells you it needs. It is a scam and a way to get your CC#. Finally you will have to change ALL of your passwords.

I hope none of you have to deal with this. It was such a pain. Thankfully my computer is up and running like new today and I didn’t lose anything. I just thought I would warn you.



She-Mulk said...

The same thing happened to me about a month ago! I felt so stupid when I realized what had happened. Fortunately Gerald is a computer guy and was able to fix my mess. Not fun! I'm glad you were able to get your's up and running again.

sully said...

We had this happen too! Husband downloaded it, son had to clear it, and in the mess of changing passwords something happened so now I can only log on as a guest and all my pictures are trapped in my computer with no way to get them!! AAUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!