Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun With The Youth-Part 2

Last Wednesday, someone kidnapped Bishop Wood!

The young Detectives had to figure out who it was.

The Suspects (sorry some of the photos are really blurry)

Sis. Pheasant An accomplished musician who is grumpy with the bishop because he wouldn't approve her music choice.

Brother Adams- the Elder's Quorum President and an avid golf nut.  Bishop beat him at the last tournament.

Sister Grace, the activities committee leader, she thinks the bishop has stiffed her.

Sister Snow, A.K.A the black widow.  She wants to date the bishops son.

Professor Prune is very irritated with the bishops grammar!

Brother Brown hates the bishop's use of baseball illustrations.

Sister Spears is considering being offended by the bishops talks.

Colonel Musket A good army man who disagrees with the bishops political choices

Ben Burnsides loves to cook dinners for all the activities but did the bishop make fun of this short tempered man?

Bubba is the Bishops mechanic but he has a bit of a conspiracy theory complex.
The detectives had to question the suspects to figure out what weapon was used, what room the crime took place in and of course who did it.

There was a police officer...

and if the detectives broke the rules, they got thrown in jail...

But they could always plead their case

to the judge!

In the end, the kidnapper was caught and the case was solved.

I think the youth had a great time, I know I did.

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