Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes, blessings come in strange ways

No photos for this one but a wonderful experince. 

Last night was FHE.  Only son taught the lesson on one of the talks he heard at the Priesthood session.  Then we fixed leftovers from our turkey Easter dinner and sat down to watch "The Blind Side" as a family.  The wind was blowing and the snow was flying just as D3 called and needed a ride home from work.

People know how much I hate winter and I am really, REALLY ready for spring to get here, so the storm was not making me happy.  Hubby, who loves me, left to pick up D3 and we paused the movie. 

When they returned, we settled down to finish the movie and the power went out. You could hear the wind and I was really getting irritated with the weather. (like anyone can do anything about it right?)

We had the kids dress in warm clothes and bring pillows and blankets upstairs. We lit candles, got cozy and waited to see what was going to happen.  While we waited we hubby told us a scary story, then he and I shared stories of our childhoods.  We got chilly but we laughed and had a great time together...as a family...doing nothing. 

After about 3 hours the power came back on.  The kids were dissapointed (they were hoping school would be canceld today.) Everyone went to their own rooms.  Our long, fun FHE was over but I don't think it is one any of us will soon forget.

We missed you D2

PS I think we will finish our movie tonight.

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